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The Department of Computer Science offers both B.S. and B.A. degree programs, as well as three combined majors in cooperation with other departments.
Science. W riting. M a th. M a th. Learning. Gains. Reading. Larning. Gains School Website: http://www. Forensic Science.
Research and bring to class information on Careers related with Forensic Evidence. Explain their role (what they do) as part of the Crime. Forensic Science: blood spatter analysis and crime scene investigation

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Schedule, Pickup, and Bus. At the end of their fifth term of enrollment students must have achieved at least three-fourths A or A— grades in all of their course credits directly relating to the major. Youth Co-Op Preparatory Charter School. Proficiency in high school—level mathematics is assumed. Examples stress practical applications of technology, as well as limitations and societal issues. How computers have changed and challenged the analysis, composition, production, and appreciation of music over the last fifty years.