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Majors with most jobs research paper example

majors with most jobs research paper example

College majors, employment and “sciences vs. humanities” data along slightly more predictable lines: For example, a recent journalism major Related research: A 2013 paper published in Monthly Labor Review, “Recent.
major in Art History serve as the building blocks for a wide range of level jobs in museum work, but most jobs in this field require and research skills to assess an artwork's dollar value variety of formats, as well as more traditional paper records A curator, for example, might be employed by a corporate archive, a.
What kind of career can you pursue after graduating with a history major? have been useful to you in your career(s)? Could you give us some examples of this? This was a solid response rate, considering the fact that many such surveys often writing and revising research papers and essays, sharpening one's ideas in. One key point that researchers will look for is a connection between sources. This industry is similar to advertising, but it has a slightly different goal. Being a teacher in any form requires patience, dedication, and commitment. This can include copy writing and editing, marketing content, or reviewing documents for a wide range of businesses and industries. Search Engine Optimization SEO is a valuable skill for any writer producing content on the web. Additionally, many English majors work for campus publications in some sort of editing capacity. Completing a senior thesis or independent study requires seeing a project of several months through from beginning to end. CAREERS IN BA SOCIAL SCIENCE – MA,,Sociology,NGO’s,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

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Urban Planning high school major subject History majors are certainly qualified for office and administration roles at a law firm, but the possibility of becoming a lawyer in their own right exists as well. Hand-in-hand with the high standard of writing in the English department is the skill of editing. We will never spam you, and you can unsubscribe any time. So how does a history degree help a business? It will give a student critical analysis, which is vital for the decision-making process allowing the graduate to succeed in many careers with a history degree.
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Majors with most jobs research paper example A paralegal or legal assistant is responsible for gathering facts related to a case, searching for previous cases, and finding laws, regulations, and legal articles related to the issue at hand. Instead, history majors look towards a greater understanding of the patterns, the causes and effects, of human behavior and existence. Writing is something that nearly everyone can do, but few people can do extremely well, making history majors all the more desirable to the job market as a whole. Jobs with a history degree range from from writing historical books to creating history as a political leader. Completing a senior thesis or independent study requires seeing a project of several months through from beginning to end. Essentially, public relations is not focused on selling a product, but shaping the public image of a company, organization, or brand. Jobs for History Majors.
NEUROSCIENCE BACHELOR DEGREE EXAMPLE Consider this—history major skill sets often include: Hands-on internships in museums, public agencies, and other such organizations abound within all fifty states, and can open doors to many history major career options. National Parks like Effigy Mounds in Iowa and the Castillo De San Marcos in Florida have historical significance, and park rangers who work these areas are often required to provide information related to the location. This includes effective writing and the ability to communicate in a clear and engaging manner. That is, the ways in which pieces of literature — poetry, essays, fiction, plays, etc. Your education could also involve a specific minor that complements your history studies.
majors with most jobs research paper example