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Ministry communication college major

Ministry communication college major

Communication Studies Major (Bachelor of Arts) preparation for careers in business, politics, human services, management, law, education, and ministry.
Moody Bible Institute's Communication Major trains students in personal and of electives that best complements their skills and personal vision for ministry.
Explore ministry studies and whether it's the right major for you. twenty-first century; Church leadership and diversity; Dynamics of intercultural communication.
A variety of ethical typologies will be explored for the purpose of describing motivating factors from both a Christian and secular worldview. This course will address the relationship between the impact of a biblical worldview and the development of a communication field. Design a philosophy and Ministry communication college major of communication and cultural engagement. We study its processes and systems to get a better understanding of how people relate to each other and the world around them. Biology—Pre-Med major is designed for students who have a God-given aptitude in math and science and a passion to help relieve the suffering of God's image bearers. Engaging the culture, changing the world.

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History can be used as a double major, supplementing any other major by providing a historical perspective and research skills. Hands-on experiences, Christ-centered training, and a strong foundation in theory and ethics are used to prepare students for careers as effective communicators in a secular world. We are committed to truthful and accurate reporting by honest and ethical means. Schedule a campus visit and live a day in the life of a Moody student. The English for Secondary Education program seeks to introduce students to the important literature of world culture with an aim of developing them into effective teachers who can understand moral choices and can design, express, interpret and evaluate written literature in light of a Christian worldview. Freeman trains LBC's Communication majors to be embedded missionaries in a very secular profession. Broadcast Communication is such an exciting field, combining television and radio on-air performance with opportunities for on-screen acting, motivational speaking, talk show hosting, sportscasting, and more!

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Ministry communication college major